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New issues with my legs.

PostPosted: Sun Oct 17, 2010 4:32 pm
by Cindy
I have a new problem I have not had till now. My right leg is numb from my knee to my ancle.But it has real bad pain inside. It also swell's up on the shin. It get's lumps on it to. I can't stand to rub or push on those places. Sometimes my calf hurts also. My therapest says It is not Lymp. What kind of a doc. do I see to seek answers? Does anyone else have this happen to them?????

Re: New issues with my legs.

PostPosted: Mon Oct 18, 2010 8:19 am
by patoco
Hey Cindy

It is difficult to say without seeing your legs and getting more info. But, how does your therapist know and on what basis does he say that it isn't related to LE? That would be my first question.

By the way what kind of tests have been done to rule out any other condition or to find out what exactly it is. I actually would start with your primary care doc. There is no real "type" of doctor who treats LE. They range from oncologists to vascular surgeons to Physiatists (Rehab Doctor). Also, check with your therapist. She may know of one in your area too.

The lumps and the fact that it is painful to touch makes me think of lipedema also. Because of the limbs sensitivity, lipedema is often called painful fat syndrome.