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leg lymphedema & Pleural effusion

PostPosted: Sat Nov 08, 2008 4:01 pm
by queenphoton
My father is 84yrs old and had lympedema for almost 40yrs, he really didn't do too much for it except to wear tight panty hose to help him. Drs. only gave him water pills and sent him on his way.
It all started in his left leg and now is in both legs and they are huge. His heart was tested and it's checking out to be somewhat okay. The feel that his pleural effusion isn't from his heart.
So how many of you suffer from pleural effusion? He had his lung drained in Aug 08 and now it's full again and he is really SOB. We see the Pulmonologist on Wednesday and I'm sure he has to have it drained again. Nothing showed up in the path. report from the fluid, so they have been playing a wait and see type of game.
It is that maybe his whole lymphatic systems is just shot? It's so hard to see him struggling to breath.