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Ultrasound and LE

PostPosted: Mon Jul 21, 2008 3:46 pm
by swelly17
Hi Everyone,

Last summer when I went to see my therapist for an annual "tune up" I saw a different therapist one day. I have real issues with the toes and top of my foot on the left foot because I had cellulitis there a few years ago. The new therapist suggested we try using an ultrasound machine on just that area which she said sometimes helps with breaking up scar tissue (which I'm guessing is what has built up around that cellulitis area). Of course the heat was off, and it didn't feel like anything except the gel was a little slimy. We did the rest of the therapy and then bandaged the legs and feet. The next day, my regular therapist used the ultrasound machine again. I remember there being some improvement in that area at least for a while. The bandaging and therapy has always been successful with my legs, but this was the first time I remember improvement in my toes since the cellulitis attack. I am wondering if anyone else has had an ultrasound machine used in this way or if there is any research on it. When I go back for my next treatments, I plan to have them try it again, unless someone knows why that might be bad.

There are even some inexpensive ultrasound machines available on line, which seem like a possible investment for me. Anyone want to weigh in on this?


Re: Ultrasound and LE

PostPosted: Thu Jul 24, 2008 2:01 pm
by Cassie
Hi, Ann,
Hmmm! A whole lot of silence on this, isn't there? :? There are some who are using a low-level laser to break up fibrosis, but I for one never heard about ultrasound being used.

The fact that nobody's reported any bad effects, though, doesn't indicate it's safe, so do proceed with caution. Have you asked the therapists for research about it? If they're using it they should be able to provide that information to you, and reviewing that yourself would be the best way to judge whether it's safe for your situation. Do please pass it along to us if you find out anything helpful. :wink:

I'm hoping you'll soon find just the right solution to get the swelling down in your toes and keep it that way!

Re: Ultrasound and LE

PostPosted: Fri Jul 25, 2008 9:28 pm
by patoco
Hi Ann (and Cassie) :)

I haven't found any info on ultrasound being used t like this, but I am still searching.

Like Cassie said, low level laser is being used quite a bit now to break up that scar tissue, but not ultrasound.

If I can find anything I will post it!!!!!