Cellulitus, Blood Clot or Something Else?

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Cellulitus, Blood Clot or Something Else?

Postby lymphlady » Mon Jul 14, 2008 2:55 pm

Hi all! I used to be a member under the old site and hadn't visited for awhile. I developed LE in my right leg after a stress fracture of my femur and a clot in my leg. I've had several bouts of cellulitus since. I had MLD in 2006 and it significantly reduced the amount of cellulitus I was getting. Friday night, I noticed my leg was getting splotchy. For some reason whenever cellulitus comes on, I usually have a bad headache ahead of time. I had a couple of doozies last week but didn't think anything about it. Friday morning, I was having pain in my stomach but I attributed it to scar tissue because I have had three gyn surgeries.

By Saturday morning, I woke up and my calf was red from the ankle to the knee. I went to the emergency room. The doctor perfomed an ultrasound which was negative for a clot and they did lab work which all came back normal. They gave me IV antibiotics at the hospital and then two prescriptions one for Keflex and one for Bactrim. I've taken Keflex in the past but never the Bactrim. I had to go back last night for another IV antibiotic and followup with my regular doctor this afternoon.

I guess my question is, if it isn't a clot and the labs came back okay what is it? The doctor said he thouht for sure I had a clot when I first came in. It seems under control now. When I had MLD, my Mom went with me and learned how to wrap. She's now traveling and I need to teach my son how to help me wrap. Any ideas on teaching a 13yrold?
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Re: Cellulitus, Blood Clot or Something Else?

Postby patoco » Mon Jul 14, 2008 4:09 pm

Hey Lymphlady :!: :)

Welcome Back :!: :!:

If they did the tests and a clot was ruled out, then I would wager it was an infection. It's not unsual for blood tests to come back normal - unless the bacteria has already entered the bloodstream (sepsis). When that happens, it's a whole different ball game and you're going to be really really out of it. BTW...did you ever take the bactrim? The combination of those two would have probably done a great job a nicking the infection. Keflex i super good at what is called gram positive bacteria while the Bactrim is great for gram-negative.

There are some instructions on wrapping a leg on our Leg Lymphedema page:

http://www.lymphedemapeople.com/wiki/do ... lymphedema

Take a look at it and see if your 13 year old is able to follow it.

Basically, you should put on your leg stocking (don't forget the lotion :wink: ). After that have him do a firm (but not too tight) figure eight process up the leg. You should probably be able to tell while he is wrapping if it is too tight or too loose.

Hope this helps

Pat 8)
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Re: Cellulitus, Blood Clot or Something Else?

Postby lymphlady » Mon Jul 14, 2008 6:57 pm


Yes, this did help on the wrapping. Thanks for the info.

I have been treated with Keflex before and it usually does the trick. This is the first time I've been given the Bactrim. It does seem to be getting the infection under control though.

Thanks for the info.
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