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Postby suzeeq » Wed Feb 13, 2008 2:33 pm

Is it beneficial to get mld from a therapist every 2 weeks? I was doing that for 2 years, but now am being told from the physical therapist that they usually only see patients in the acute phase, every day for a week or two. Then after that they are on their own. I have not had therapy since November but really can't say that I am worse. I think I am maintaining, and when I am really swollen and uncomfortable, I will do self manual lymph drainage. I'm in compression panty hose all day and bandage at night. Insurance is not an issue.The therapy is paid for. The first clinic that I initially went to has now closed, and the second one doesn't want to see me. So back to my original question. Should I insist on having mld twice a month, or just observe my edema and go if it starts getting worse?
Another issue - has anyone experienced a burning sensation while wearing compression hose? I wear Juzo one legged panty hose, and the hose extends to mid thigh on my unaffected leg. After sitting, even if only for a minute, I get a burning sensation to both of my upper posterior thighs, right under my buttocks. It is quite painful and uncomfortable and I have to pull at the stocking to get if away from my skin. No rash or redness noted. I have used Juzo products in the past without any problems, but this hose is a 40-50 pressure, so the material I'm sure is a little heavier. I called Juzo and was surprised that they were so unhelpful and dismissive with me. Said that no one had ever complained about that before and that I should call my doctor. I don't have a doctor for this and I think the material is a factor. I just wanted to be taken seriously and not blown off. They could have cared less. So now I'm waiting on a new pair. Was measured for a custom Medieven one legged panty hose and hope this works. It's really hard to be compliant when you have pain. Thanks, Susan
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